Green Anarchy

Green Anarchy

An archive of Green Anarchy magazine 2001-2008

Green Anarchy #9

This is the first issue with the signature Green Anarchy look. No white space ever!

  1. Hit Where It Hurts but in the meantime
  2. Thinking Through The Fall
  3. Anarchism: The New Identity Politics
  4. Sex Among the Zombies
  5. Go Wild!
  6. Industrialism Must Go! by Derrick Jensen
  7. What is Green Anarchy?
  8. The Revolt of Adam and Eve: A Green Anarcha-Feminist Perspective
  9. Interview with Julieta Paredes of Mujeres Creando,
  10. Zine Reviews
  11. Direct Action News
  12. Letters
  13. Prisoners

It seems apparent to us that the whole of civilization is accountable for our current state, and that true autonomy will be possible only from the destruction of that condition. The role of technology in this development (and the continuing of this) is undeniable. We agree that the technological system is a more viable of many targets in the fight for autonomy. In this we respect Teds’ comments as to how to potentially disable that beast. However, isolating this aspect can be very problematic.

-Hit Where it Hurts but in the meantime

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