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Green Anarchy

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Green Anarchy #10

Obviously the layout person ran out of country and left the insane in charge of the asylum.

  1. No Membership Required by Jack Wylde
  2. Repression of the November 17th Movement Begins
  3. What Ails Us by John Zerzan
  4. Garden of Peculiarities, Part 5: Colonization
  5. Interview with Ann Hansen of Direct Action
  6. Towards A Paleolithic Existence
  7. Taking Children Seriously (TCS) and Anarchy
  8. Reviews
  9. Direct Action News
  10. Letters
  11. Prisoners

But of course it is only “chemical imbalances” that are said to account for this massive immiseration. This reactionary an d desperate claim responds to phenomena such as the fact that 2.8 million kids had what is euphemistically called a “run away experience” in 1999, by diagnosing most of them with a pseudo-medical condition called “conduct disorder.”

-What Ails Us

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