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Green Anarchy #8

Before Ted K disassociates with Green Anarchy he associates with them. This is the first essay the world sees from Ted K Hit Where It Hurts. Is it strategy?

  1. Hit Where it Hurts
  2. Towards a Completely “Wireless” Society by Daisy Chung
  3. It’s All Coming Down! By John Zerzan
  4. A Zapatista Response to: “The EZLN Is NOT Anarchist”
  5. “Some People Push Back” On the Justice of Roosting Chickens by Ward Churchill
  6. Our Heroes? By Ali Khalid Abdullah
  7. A Revolution of Space
  8. The Social Implications of Myco-Consciousness
  9. Spotlight on the Greek Anarchist Movement
  10. The Dialectics Of Sabotage: A Look At Direct Action In 2001
  11. Zine Reviews
  12. Direct Action News
  13. Letters
  14. Prisoners

It is open to argument whether I am right in thinking that biotechnology is the best issue on which to attack the system politically. But it is beyond argument that radicals today are wasting much of their energy on issues that have little or no relevance to the survival of the technological system. And even when they do address the right issues, radicals do not hit where it hurts. So instead of trotting off to the next world trade summit to have temper tantrums over globalization, radicals ought to put in some time thinking how to hit the system where it really hurts. By legal means, of course.

-Hit Where it Hurts

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