Green Anarchy

Green Anarchy

An archive of Green Anarchy magazine 2001-2008

Green Anarchy #7

John Zerzan joins the new collective for issue #7 and writes an editorial on 9/11. This issue also includes:

  1. Transforming Columbus Day
  2. Destroying Civilization in the new world order
  3. Social War by Other Means
  4. Vulcanology
  5. Interview with Maori Elder
  6. The Madness of the Astronaut
  7. The Garden of Pecularities By Jesus Sepulveda
  8. Remedial Revolutionary Consciousness
  9. Anarquia en Espana by Salvaje Caos (Wild Chaos)
  10. Characteristics of the Anarcho-Indian Alliance
  11. Zine Reviews
  12. Direct Action News
  13. Letters
  14. Prisoners

Ideology crystallizes itself like a map in memory. It legitimizes itself by propagating the false idea that the world in which we live is the best possible world, or that the system is the best system, regardless of its shortc omings. For this reason, it’s common to hear that socialism is better than capitalism, the free market is better that the proletarian state, democracy better than fascism, military dictatorship better than communism, republic better than monarchy, feudal bondage better than slavery, city better than country, etc. However many of these arguments are launched, they all are ultimately absurd because they tend to justify repression at the altar of a supposed necessary order.

-Garden of Peculiarities

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