Green Anarchy

Green Anarchy

An archive of Green Anarchy magazine 2001-2008

Green Anarchy #6

This is the first issue from the new collective who directed Green Anarchy through the 20 issues that comprise the Green Anarchy magazine that we know and love. This issue includes articles on:

  1. Free
  2. Against Mass Society
  3. GA & Classical Anarchism
  4. Feminism (Male perspective)
  5. Women and the Spectacle
  6. The Cost of Affluence
  7. Resisting Western Penetration by Jesus Sepulveda
  8. A Conversation Between Two Yippies
  9. It’s Time to Disorganize by Kevin Tucker
  10. Earth’s Lament
  11. Decolonization of Colonial Descent by Chris Kortright
  12. Direct Action News
  13. Resistance News
  14. Zine Reviews
  15. Letters
  16. Prisoners

Many people desire an existence free of coercive authority, where all are at liberty to shape their own lives as they choose for the sake of their own personal needs, values, and desires. For such freedom to be possible, no individual person can extend his or her sphere of control upon the lives of others without their choosing. Many who challenge oppression in the modern world strive toward their conception of a “free society” by attempting to merely reform the most powerful and coercive institutions of today, or to replace them with “directly democratic” governments, community-controlled municipalities, worker-owned industrial federations, etc. Those who prioritize the values of personal autonomy or uncontrolled and wild existence have reason to oppose and reject all large-scale organizations and societies on the grounds that they necessitate imperialism, slavery and hierarchy, regardless of the purposes they may be designed for.

-From Against Mass Society

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